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Care & Feeding of Orphan Kittens less than 5-6 weeks of age
Cat Constipation
Dog Constipation
Home Care For Acute Vomiting Dog
Home Care Of Acute Diarrhea In Dogs
Home Treatment of Diarrhea In Cats
Vomiting Cat Home Treatment of Gastritis in cats

General Information:

ANAPLASMOSIS: a tick borne disease of dogs
EHRLICHIOSIS: a tick borne disease of dogs

Surgery Instructions:


Discharge Instructions - Abdominal Surgery Procedures

We require all pets who are admitted for surgery to have had a physical exam at our hospital within the past 6 months. Pre-operative blood work is necessary on all pets over 7 years old. We recommend that younger pets have blood work, but it is not mandatory.

An estimate of the cost of the planned surgery can be provided to avoid misunderstanding.

Non-routine surgeries (everything except spay, neuter and declaws) may require a deposit up to 50% of the estimated cost of the surgery at the time of admission for the procedure. 

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